Student accommodation

We own approximately 130 student apartments in Södertälje; in the town centre, Grusåsen and Värdsholmen.

You can apply to Telge Bostäder for the chance to lease a student apartment with two rent-free months during the summer.

Internet is included in the rent on condition that you choose Bahnhof as your provider.

Vacant properties are advertised on our website in conjunction with the first and second university admission notifications.

One advantage of our student apartments is that there is a separate queue so anyone already in the general housing queue can retain their points for non-student accommodation.

Vacant student apartments

How to apply

  1. Create an account on Mina sidor [My Pages]. When registering, make sure that you check the box to indicate which school you belong to. If you study at Campus Telge or KTH Södertälje, you have priority in the queue.
  2. Register your interest in student accommodation. You will then begin to collect points.
  3. Register your interest in your desired apartment when it is published.

Apartments come in a number of sizes, from one room plus kitchen to three rooms plus kitchen. At Lovisinsgatan 6, two people can share an apartment with the use of a common kitchen; perfect for those who would like to meet new friends.

Our rules for student and short-term-let apartments

Those studying at Campus Telge or KTH Södertälje and with the most points in the housing queue will have first refusal on student apartments. If apartments remain vacant they will be offered to students in the rest of Stockholm County.

If our apartments are not rented by students, they will be offered to young people between 18 and 25 years of age and, as a final resort, as short-term lets to other applicants.

For students

  • Once you have registered your interest in a student apartment, you will be offered an appointment to view the property in question.
  • Be prepared to pay rent in advance.
  • You will need to accept or decline the offer of an apartment no later than the response deadline. The response deadline is stated on any lease offer you receive.
  • Once you have accepted an offer and are first in the queue, one of our housing officers will contact you to confirm that you are eligible to rent a student apartment.

PLEASE NOTE! Remember to upload your admission decision to Mina sidor [My Pages] under Uppladdade dokument [uploaded documents].

Young people between 18 and 25 years of age and other applicants for short-term leases on student accommodation

We will contact you once you are at the head of the queue in these categories and request information on your income. If you income is sufficient, you will be offered the apartment.

If you are in our queue for housing, you will retain your points when you sign a short-term lease on one of our apartments.


In order for 18-25 year olds or other applicants for short-term lets to apply for these apartments, you must have stated in your registration on Mina sidor that you are interested in a short-term let. You do so under Uthyrning [Lettings] > Ändra registrering [Amend registration].

When you rent one of our short-term lets, you cannot sublet any other property that you may lease from us, carry out your own exchange or transfer the apartment.

Requirements and prerequisites for student apartments and short-term lets

  • Rent is payable monthly in advance.
  • All apartments are subject to 10 monthly rent payments. June and July are rent-free.
  • Broadband via the municipal network is included in the rent (on condition that you choose Bahnhof as your provider). Questions and fault reports regarding broadband should be addressed directly to Bahnhof.
  • All apartments are unfurnished.
  • You can apply for a maximum of five apartments at any given time.
  • Remember to give notice on your student/short-term lease no later than three months before you graduate or plan to move. By doing so you will avoid an unnecessary notice period.