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What applies to our student and short-term apartments

We have nearly 180 student/short-term apartments in Södertälje; in the centre, Grusåsen, Rosenlund, Västergård and at Värdsholmen.

Our rules for student and short-term accommodation

In the first instance a vacant student/short-term apartment will be offered to the student with the highest number of points in the housing queue. If there are no students wishing to rent the apartment it will then be offered to young people aged between 18-25 years and, in the third instance, to persons who wish to rent housing for a short period, up to a maximum of four years.

It is important for people wishing to rent housing from us to be in our housing queue. There are no short cuts to renting from us. Those who have been in the queue the longest are the first to be made an offer.

Here you can read more about how the renting out operates

For students

We contact you as the one at the head of the queue and then check to make sure that you are entitled to rent a student apartment. You must be able to pay the rent up front. If you are interested in the apartment in question then you will receive an offer. You will be given information about a time to view and the deadline for making a decision.

Young people aged 18-25 years and other applicants

We contact you as the one at the head of the queue in these categories and request information regarding your income. If you have sufficient income you will be offered the apartment. After the contract has been signed it is forwarded on to the rent tribunal for approval. The agreement is only valid if the rent tribunal approves the application for a short-term contract. If you are in our housing queue as a housing applicant, you retain your queue points when you are given a contract for one of our short-term apartments.


In order for those of you between 18-25 years, or as another applicant seeking a short-term apartment, to be able to apply for these apartments, you must, when registering on Mina Sidor, state that you are interested in renting short-term housing. This is done under the ‘renting out, amend registration’ tab.

When you rent one of our short-term apartments you are not allowed to rent out any other housing you rent from us as a sub-let, carry out your own exchange or assign the accommodation.

Requirements and conditions for student and short-term apartments

  • The rent is to be paid monthly in advance.
  • All apartments are subject to 10 months’ rent. June and July are rent-free.
  • Internet connection via the city network is included in the rent (only if you select Bahnhof as supplier). For questions and customer support, please contact Bahnhof directly.
  • All apartments are unfurnished.
  • You can make a maximum of five apartment applications simultaneously.
  • Remember to give a minimum of three calendar months notice of vacating your student/short-term apartment before taking your exams or planning to move. In this way you avoid any unnecessary period of notice.

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